Mikayla’s story

Mikayla’s Story

Mikayla entered this world unexpectedly, 13 weeks prematurely and weighing a mere 576grams (1lb4oz)! She was so small that her Daddy’s wedding ring slipped easily over her tiny hand onto her wrist like an oversized bracelet! Due to her prematurity and very low birth weight, there were many things for her to overcome during her many months spent in hospital NICU and then special care nurseries, and it was a very difficult time for our whole family.
Mikayla was our long awaited and much loved first child. She was the first grandchild to my parents, first niece to my siblings, the first great grandchild to my grandmother.
After overcoming her initial fight for life, Mikayla was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at 18mths old.
The path ahead was unclear, and outcomes were uncertain, but one thing was for sure – our lives would not take the “usual path” and Mikayla would have many more hurdles ahead of her and need a lot of help to develop many physical skills.

She is a bright, bubbly, clever little girl who shares similar interests to others her age. In particular she loves to read, listen to music, enjoys the out of doors and has a real love of animals (particularly dogs and horses).

Through much therapy over the years, Mikayla has worked hard to develop many skills, however, she still faces many physical challenges daily. Cerebral Palsy is not curable, however its affects and impacts can be managed through a daily routine of regular exercises, positioning, use of specialised equipment, and regular access to a range of therapies.

As Mikayla grows, she needs ongoing therapy to help cope with changes to her muscles and to assist her body to adapt. To help in the continued development of her muscles, bones, and joints, she not only needs ongoing therapy but also lots of different equipment to help her get on with everyday life. As she continues to grow, equipment often needs to be resized modified or replaced. Access to both regular ongoing therapy as well as intensive therapy programs really makes a difference to Mikayla in both maintaining and working to improve her abilities

With a lot of effort and determination, Mikayla continues to overcome many challenges. With your support and the continued love and help of those around her, Mikayla wants to reach her potential, to be as independent as she can be, and to fully experience life!


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