Mikayla’s Cerebral Palsy

Mikayla was born prematurely at 27 weeks gestation (13 weeks early)

She weighed only 576 grams (1lb 4ozs in the old scale).

At 18months of age, she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy Spastic Diplegia.

Spastic Diplegia means both of her legs are predominantly affected, but Mikayla also has involvement to varying degrees in many other areas of her body including her trunk and upper limbs as well as within her orol-motor and sensory systems as well as her vision. Some areas of involvement are quite noticeable and others are less noticeable although they still have their impacts

Mikayla’s Cerebral Palsy affects her muscle control, coordination and tone, her reflexes, posture and her balance. It affects her gross motor, fine motor, and oral motor function.

GMFS seems to vary between a III and IV. This is based on the Gross Motor Function Scale – a tool used to help guide the level of impact that the Cerebral Palsy has on a persons Gross motor function – particularly in relation to mobility

MACS II (Fluctuates). This is kind of an OT tool used to help describe the level of impact that Cerebral Palsy has on a persons fine motor function – use of fingers and hands

There is no cure for Cerebral Palsy, however a range of therapies,
interventions, and equipment can help her with the daily challenges it presents her and to help her body cope with changes that occur as she grows. Some of these which Mikayla benefits from include:
•occupational therapy
•speech therapy
•botox injections
•behavioural opthamology
•horse riding
•riding her modified tricycle
•daily regime of muscle stretching and strengthening


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