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A special achievement

Todays riding session was VERY exciting!  mounting There is no doubt that mounting the horse is very difficult at the moment and her legs are only just managing to stretch enough to sit in the saddle, even after a lot of warm up stretching beforehand.  Thankfully, once up, she did manage to settle into the saddle enough to ride.

warming up

I cannot express how much she loves this activity, and how great it is for her, both in terms of its physical benefit but also from a recreational perspective and on a social and emotional level as well!.
Around her birthday Mikayla achieved one of her personal goals – “to  canter”.  While doing a trot, they stepped it up into a canter with 3 of us supporting her – It was super exciting, and a moment I will never forget!!

Today her grandparents got to see her ride for the first time which was very special.
We are truly grateful to all those who have helped make Mikayla’s dream, a reality!! 🙂
Mikayla will have to have a break from riding shortly due to her surgery, and although we don’t know how long it will be before she can get back in the saddle, there is no doubt that she will be looking forward to the day that she can, and then will set her sights on her next challenge…….hmmmmmm I wonder what it will be?

Anyone wanting to donate to Mikayla’s therapy and equipment costs can do so online from anywhere in the world via her charity webpage  where you can also read more about Mikayla’s story and the things that we are fundraising to be able to provide her.


Experiencing Life – flying a kite

Today Mikayla experienced flying a kite for the first time.  The wind was quite strong but also steady, so it was a good day for it!
On this occasion I think the pictures speak a thousand words, and so will just let the photos speak for themselves….

..kite   flying a kite kite flying





Simple Pleasures

This afternoon, prompted by the sweet sounds of laughter as my children play outside, I am grateful for the newly finished cementing and paving works that have made it possible for Mikayla to independently access the outside areas or our home, and I reflect on “the simple pleasures” in life.
A “Simple pleasure” for me, is to sit with a cup of tea, watching and sometimes engaging in my children’s play – seeing smiling faces, hearing squeals of excitement and lots of laughter, and enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun as the crisp air of the Autumn eve starts to roll in.
A “simple pleasure” for the children, is to play. To play with one another – sister and brother. To play independently (without an adult ‘helping’). To enjoy a sense of freedom, freedom to dart here and there, free and spontaneous activity and interaction with their playmate and their surroundings.
This afternoon’s “simple pleasure” has been a long time coming. It has taken a lot of different things to get here. Today, rather than considering the journey and all it has entailed to get to the point of experiencing this particular one of life’s simple pleasures, I am just going to soak it up, relish it, and be thankful that it is happening :). I might revisit how we got here another time.