A special achievement

Todays riding session was VERY exciting!  mounting There is no doubt that mounting the horse is very difficult at the moment and her legs are only just managing to stretch enough to sit in the saddle, even after a lot of warm up stretching beforehand.  Thankfully, once up, she did manage to settle into the saddle enough to ride.

warming up

I cannot express how much she loves this activity, and how great it is for her, both in terms of its physical benefit but also from a recreational perspective and on a social and emotional level as well!.
Around her birthday Mikayla achieved one of her personal goals – “to  canter”.  While doing a trot, they stepped it up into a canter with 3 of us supporting her – It was super exciting, and a moment I will never forget!!

Today her grandparents got to see her ride for the first time which was very special.
We are truly grateful to all those who have helped make Mikayla’s dream, a reality!! 🙂
Mikayla will have to have a break from riding shortly due to her surgery, and although we don’t know how long it will be before she can get back in the saddle, there is no doubt that she will be looking forward to the day that she can, and then will set her sights on her next challenge…….hmmmmmm I wonder what it will be?

Anyone wanting to donate to Mikayla’s therapy and equipment costs can do so online from anywhere in the world via her charity webpage http://www.developingfoundation.org.au/family/mikayla  where you can also read more about Mikayla’s story and the things that we are fundraising to be able to provide her.


3 thoughts on “A special achievement

    1. mikaylasangels Post author

      My daughter loves animals, especially horses and dogs. She had a pony ride when she was 4. At that stage she needed someone to physically hold her trunk so she didn’t fall off the the pony. We could see the benefits of the horses movement for her body. We started horse riding when she was about 8, and it has been fantastic therapeutically and recreationally and provides her with a physical work out. Although she still needs quite a bit of support to do it, I was absolutely thrilled that her trunk control and coordination had improved enough to be able to even think of attempting a canter. If you had seen her when she first started you would have doubted it possible. What a great example of “dream * believe* achieve * inspire ” 🙂 It is wonderful that she has the opportunity to something like this that offers her physical benefits as well as so much enjoyment and a sense of personal achievement 🙂

      1. mommiesquietplace

        That is awesome. I have been looking into riding lessons for Isabella for only her ADHD issues but I think I can see from your story how it can help Bella oh so much more thanks for all the info and I will look forward to your postings.

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