Day 1 Post Intensive Therapy

So we had the weekend off (sort of), which was much deserved after the past three weeks of intensive effort!  It was nice to catch up with family and chill out.  Catching up on all that has had to be left over the past few weeks has had to wait a little longer in order to allow for some “down time”,  attending to a little more homework, and spending a full day kicking off our fundraising efforts for another bout of intensive therapy in the future!

This morning it is back to reality, and experiencing a little of the post therapy blues that I have heard about from others who have been there before me!   We have been there before after other significant “interventions” and “events”, and indeed it seems to be part of the cycle of emotional highs and lows of this journey we are on.

Today I wanted to share with you a bit about our first attempt at integrating some of our ongoing home program into everyday life!  I had been thinking about this throughout the course, and over the weekend, and I decided first off,  to try and get even more organised in the morning before school and “warm Mikayla up for the day” by replacing my current routine with running through the “warm up routine” we did every morning of the intensive therapy program.

I did this cold turkey today, from memory, and  as it turned out, eventhough I was watching this same warm up routine every day for the past 3 weeks, I still needed some gentle prompting and guidance about “what I wasn’t quite doing correctly” from my amazing little girl (who clearly took it all in)  as I made my first attempt at the sequence on my own.  Together, we made it through her regime of stretching and dissociation exercises, but let me tell you, doing it myself gave me  even greater respect for the work Jess did with Mikayla every morning with a bright and cheerful disposition, hardly ever even working up a sweat.  Although not a seasoned professional like Jess, I think I ended up doing an ok job of it, but with considerably more effort and grunting and groaning on my part!!  Miss Mikayla, with her great sense of humour, found this quite comical so we both ended up having a bit of a laugh about it too, and it seems that I managed not only to warm up Mikayla for her day, but ended up giving myself a good work out in muscles I didn’t even remember that I had, at the same time!!!

Using a wobble cushion while doing some homework

Using a wobble cushion while doing some homework

As the days go on, and as I go over my notes and some of the footage we took, we will continue to look for other opportunities that we can “creatively”  take to “incorporate” helpful things into various aspects of  daily life.  This is after all what we have always done – it is not something new to us.  However, with  Mikayla being of school age, a big portion of time for setting up opportunities is lost with getting ready for and going to school, as well as the additional demands of homework and the physical and mental fatigue that results from this aspect of life.  In this phase,  I often feel the struggle to find the right balance!  I find it is a continuous process of trying things, adjusting, adding something else, trying something new, readjusting the routine, tweaking what you do, falling down and picking yourself back up again, and on the story goes.

Participating in various therapies and courses, interacting with other parents and meeting new therapists, can be great sources of inspiration and provide an extra burst of additional motivation to look at what you are doing and how.  And that is kind of where we are at again with this now.

There are, of course, only so many waking hours, and there is always much to do.  So I think it is important to keep perspective, and keep reminding myself that we are BOTH only human, and we are doing the best that we can to do all that we can do whilst maintaining an over all balance of all the important things in life 🙂


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