Day 12 Intensive Therapy – A new achievement

Knee walking earlier in the program. A difficult thing to do!

Knee walking exercises have been part of Mikayla’s program.

This was an EXTREMELY difficult exercise for Mikayla when it was first introduced and she needed a lot of support, prompting and encouragement to be able to do it.

Mikayla’s exercise plan over the past few weeks has included many exercises that crossover and contribute towards helping improve Mikayla’s functional movement.

Some of the areas the knee walking exercise works on include using and strengthening bottom muscles, weightshifting from side to side, trunk strength and stability, AND motor planning and coordination…(Im sure there is more but this is what I have picked up on). If you try it yourself (kneel up tall and then “walk” or shuffle forwards on your knees to get somewhere or grab something ) – you will get the idea.

Day 12 Intensive Therapy Knee walking exercise

Doing Knee walking today – Day 12 Intensive Therapy

As Mikayla practised, I noticed various improvements in how she was able to do this exercise. Slowly, but surely, various things from her exercise plan started to come together, and she started to look like she was getting better at doing this exercise.

Today her movements seemed to come a little easier and be a little freer.  She seemed able to hold her trunk in better alignment as she shifted her weight to one side, while lifting her knee and bringing it forward on the other.  It was still slow, and required a lot of effort and concentration, but today she went twice as far as she had done before with the help of her therapist (pictured above). In itself, this was a big achievement today!


Day 12 Intensive Therapy 2 independent knee steps

Mikayla independently getting into an unsupported high kneel. She then took 3 steps forward while on her knees today!

After her break, I put Mikayla down on the mat ready for her last session of the day, and Mikayla spontaneously pushed up into a high kneel (a hard enough thing for her to do on its own), and then in this position, she took three steps forwards on her knees totally on her own!


This is something Mikayla has never been able to do before!   It actually took a few seconds for me to process what had just happened!


Unfortunately I didn’t get video of it because it was quite impromptu and unexpected.  But who knows what tomorrow, the next day, next week, or next month will hold!  From experience, we know that just because it all came together for that moment in time today, doesn’t mean it will automatically “happen” from now on,  HOWEVER, what a great thing to be able to see her do!  How especially great that it was spontaneous!  Imagine, if she were able to continue to make improvements that continued to build on this.


Travel talley:  2172kms and approx. 24hrs driving


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