Day 11 Intensive Therapy

Day 11 Intensive Therapy

Assisted walking – putting movement patterns, and motor planning into practise.

This is Day 11 and the beginning of the last week of the intensive therapy program.

Mikayla definitely looks stronger and steadier at the moment.  She is more symmetrical while doing her exercises, and showing improved coordination of movement during her exercise routine.

Although she wasn’t 100% today, having had a rough weekend fighting off a virus that has been going around, she certainly gave at least 100% in everything she did today!

Therapy travel log: 1981kms and approx. 22hrs driving



2 thoughts on “Day 11 Intensive Therapy

  1. Diane Pitcaithly

    go little miss. YOu are doing so so so well. Be proud and get those legs moving. Well done sweetie well done


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