Day 10 and Week 2 Intensive Therapy Summary

So Week 2 has been a difficult week – particularly days 8 and 9.
Mikayla finished the 2nd week quite strong though. Today she managed better than she has for the past 2 days.

aDay 10 Intensive therapy CME frog position Day 10 Intensive Therapy - CME Box work Say 10 Intensive THerapy CME plank work
Some of the overall improvements that can be seen at this point are in the areas of flexibility, motor planning for weight shifting, stability in her trunk and pelvic areas, trunk rotation and a reduced amount of tone.
For the end of this week, Mikayla’s right side has remained super tired, so we are hoping to see some improvement there after a restful weekend.

And a restful weekend it will definitely be……………..Lord knows she deserves it!!

Day 10 Intensive Therapy - Tired!Travel Talley for Therapy at the end of week 2:    1801.3  kms and approx. 20hrs driving time


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