Half way there – Day 8 Intensive Therapy

Well to day is Day 8 and the halfway mark for the program.
So far, I think this was the hardest one for Mikayla. We were told that the second week, or at least some days in the second week, could be difficult. Today the effort and affects of fatigue were evident as she continued to work and try hard at her exercises. A bit more encouragement was needed, but she pulled through and once again did a great job.

Day 8 IntensiveDay 8 intensive

Day 8 IntensiveDay 8 Intensive
Even with the impacts of fatigue, Mikayla is requiring reduced input from the therapists and is more intuitively finding her middle and showing stronger postural control. These are all important for improved balance. She is using less of her deviations to assist her, and paying more attention to where she places her body. This is important for improved motor planning and patterns.  It should also be remembered that at the same time as we are seeing some of these improvements, the demands of what she is being asked to do are higher.

Although it has been a more difficult day, Mikayla has managed to stay focused (mainly) and kept her good sense of humour(mainly).  The picture below is an example of how she is progressing, showing how she maintained strong straight arms and elbows when weightbaring on them, and at the same time kept her hands flat, and she did all this at once, without the prompting and support that she has needed to this point.

Strong straight arms no prompting Day 8 Intensive 

So today was really hard for her, but with support and encouragement from those around her and the therapists working with her, she got through the day and put in another fantastic effort.

And if that is enough, she has also completed some of her school tasks AND done home work too and all without complaint!!

Travel Talley at the half way mark is 1443.7km  and approx. 16hrs driving


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