Where is the road map???

One of the difficult things that I have found about Cerebral Palsy is that there really isn’t much of a road map! I can remember in the early years of Mikayla’s diagnosis, searching for answers, desperately looking for some idea about what we could aim for, what it would mean for Mikayla’s future, what would it “look like” down the track???? Sure there was some very general information on Cerebral Palsy out there, but what I discovered is that outcomes ARE extremely difficult to predict for an individual. I can remember asking our therapists questions that they really couldn’t answer in the early days and feeling totally dismayed that I couldn’t seem to get a good solid straight answer….but now, I have much more understanding of why this is, and a much better understanding of the number of factors that can potentially influence the outcomes for an individual with Cerebral Palsy.
As a parent it is very difficult to know where to aim if there aren’t any goal posts, and indeed even if there are some, yet they keep shifting. As we continued along the journey, there were a few “indicators” given here and there which helped a bit.
We are still at a point of unknowns today, and still learning all the time about Mikaylas CP and how it affects her.
And I guess, there are two sides to every coin, and perhaps the flip side is that without a road map, there can be some freedom to pave your own path…..


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