Mikayla’s Story

Life has been a challenge right from the start. I was born nearly 13 weeks early and weighed just 576grams (1lb4oz)! I was so small that my Dad’s wedding ring slipped easily onto my tiny arm like a bracelet! Due to my prematurity and very low birth weight, it was a very difficult time for my family and there were many things to overcome during the months I had to be in the hospital.

Today, I’m pretty much like other kids my age. I like to play, read, listen to music, do arts and crafts and enjoy the out of doors, and spend time with my friends. I really love animals, especially horses and dogs, and one day I would love to live on a farm and have lots of animals of my own!

Cerebral Palsy affects my balance, strength, and coordination. It makes many daily things difficult for me to do, and it means I need help with a lot of things…but it doesn’t stop me!

To help my muscles, bones, and joints, I need ongoing therapy, and lots of different equipment. As I grow and change, equipment often needs to be resized, modified or replaced, and I sure have grown a lot!
In May, I have the opportunity to do an intensive therapy course right here in Australia! Intensive treatment like this can help a lot, and is not readily available here. I will work on my movement patterns, stretching and strengthening, and improving my balance. It is very expensive to do, but it is a great opportunity.
As well as the Intensive therapy course, other things that Mikayla’s Team is raising funds for include my regular ongoing unfunded therapy and my equipment needs. This year this includes:-
• Gap funding for a bigger power wheelchair (I have outgrown my current one)
• New hi/lo supportive seating for use at home (I have outgrown my current one)
• A Kidwalk hands free standing and walking device (This will really help with my muscles and will allow me to do activities I love while helping my body)
• Regular Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy
• Therapeutic horse riding and other therapeutic interventions. (This is a great activity to activate and strengthen many of my muscles and riding horses is also really great fun!)
• A 24” modified tricycle (I have outgrown my current one)
• Home modifications for wheelchair access.
Each of these things will make an important difference to my life, and to my ability to do things I need to do, and those things I really enjoy.
With a lot of effort and determination, I continue to overcome many challenges. With your support and the continued love and help of those around me, I want to reach my potential, to be as independent as I can be, and to fully experience life!


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