Day 2 Intensive Therapy

Day 2 Stretching

Day 2 Intensive Therapy:

Today was another good day.  Understandably, there was some initial resistance to “getting started” , and  the day was probably a little more challenging to get through given some fatigue following yesterday’s efforts.

Despite a “slightly bumpy start” and some tired muscles, with some gentle encouragement from those around her, Mikayla listened well, persevered, did her best, and still found fun and humour in what she needed to do.

Todays program included a focus on pelvic stability and coordination and among other things worked on activating her anti-gravity muscle groups (quads and glutes)

Day 2 Intensive TherapyDay 2 Intensive Therapy

Although some things took a little more effort today,   positive carry over from yesterdays efforts was already evident, which was encouraging.

And even though the degree of difficulty for Mikayla of what she was doing should not be underestimated, she still managed to smile 🙂  (and make some funny faces for the camera)

For her efforts today Miss Mikayla definitely gets a THUMBS UP!!Day 2 Intensive Therapy

To make a donation towards the cost of Mikayla’s Therapy to help make a difference to her life now and in the future, go to


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