Simple Pleasures

This afternoon, prompted by the sweet sounds of laughter as my children play outside, I am grateful for the newly finished cementing and paving works that have made it possible for Mikayla to independently access the outside areas or our home, and I reflect on “the simple pleasures” in life.
A “Simple pleasure” for me, is to sit with a cup of tea, watching and sometimes engaging in my children’s play – seeing smiling faces, hearing squeals of excitement and lots of laughter, and enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun as the crisp air of the Autumn eve starts to roll in.
A “simple pleasure” for the children, is to play. To play with one another – sister and brother. To play independently (without an adult ‘helping’). To enjoy a sense of freedom, freedom to dart here and there, free and spontaneous activity and interaction with their playmate and their surroundings.
This afternoon’s “simple pleasure” has been a long time coming. It has taken a lot of different things to get here. Today, rather than considering the journey and all it has entailed to get to the point of experiencing this particular one of life’s simple pleasures, I am just going to soak it up, relish it, and be thankful that it is happening :). I might revisit how we got here another time.


3 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. teresamcnamara

    Yep, love the WP version – such a lovely header photo. We’ll have to get together some time (when I’m not coughing up a lung!) and I’ll help you out a bit more.


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